If you are considering getting your floor coated you need to consider these 3 things.

  1. Is there moisture present in the floor slab?
  2. Is there movement in the floor slab?
  3. What is the space used for?

Is there moisture present in the floor slab?

This is a big cause for concern because any moisture can cause the coating to fail. This will result in the coating delaminating and bubbling. To check to see if your floor has moisture doesn’t require any special equipment. All you have to do is to take thick plastic, such as a garbage bag, and using duct tape, tape it to the floor.

Then leave this here for 24 hours. Remove the tape and lift the plastic bag, if there is moisture present, you have a moisture issue.

To ensure no issues make sure you install a moisture membrane to help stop the migration of moisture through the floor slab and cause problems.

Is there movement in the floor slab?

If the floor has big cracks then there is a good chance that the floor slab is moving and will continue to be an issue. This can be caused by poor soil underneath the slab, improper compaction, or a number of other issues. You might be better to replace the slab and then coat it to protect the surface.

What is the space used for?

If this is a garage then you want to seal it with a high build, high solids product like a polyaspartic. Adding a vinyl flake to the surface creates a very attractive space. The flake also hides imperfections and creates a non-slip surface as well.


If you are looking at doing something directive to your basement, you may consider concrete polishing. This leaves your floor breathable which is important to prevent musty, mildew smell to become a problem.

3 Things to consider before coating your floor

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