Custom Design and Safety

Tailor-Made Just For You

Variety That Matters

We provide custom epoxy floor designs such as prints, textures and special materials that can be customized for jobs of any size. We are happy to work with you during your epoxy floor coating quote process to suggest design ideas and to select the best materials for your floor.

These Floors Are Tough

Alongside our epoxy floor coatings, we also offer other resin floor coatings that can add practical features like non-slip surfaces and stunning beauty such as a metallic shine. We work tirelessly to ensure that your floors have a look that lasts.

Unique To You

We aim to provide a perfect, custom look every time

Built To Last

We provide custom designs that can handle anything

custom floor coating system
flake broadcast floor coating system

You Value Safety, And So Do We

Safety With No Extra Charge

We know that safety is extremely important, so we don’t charge extra to make things safe. Because floor coatings are non-porous and can create very smooth (glass-like) surfaces, they can become slippery. This can be due to weather conditions outside, or spills of various liquids on your shop floor. If this is a concern at your facility, we will add a polymer grit to create a non-slip surface without adding any cost.


Let us worry about preventing slips and falls, so you can focus on your job.

Keep High Traffic Areas Slip-Free

Walkways and entrances have the highest risk of becoming dangerously slippery. For outdoor walkways, stairs and other floors which can be expected to become wet, this additive performs extremely well. This includes patios, and garage floors as well! Whether a brand-new install, a facility safety upgrade or just a renovation, allow us to provide the non-slip additive for your project, completely free of charge.


Regardless of the weather outside, you can walk confidently on your new floor.

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