Traeger Smoker

This post has nothing to do with decorative concrete.  I just wanted to give a shout out to my favorite smoker – my Traeger.  This is the best smoker I have owned, not that I have owned a lot of smokers only 2 but out of the 2 is this best one.

 Here are 5 reasons why I love my smoker

1.    Easy of use.  This smoker is so simple and easy to use it is a literally a set it and forget it machine.  You add your favorite pellets to the box, turn the smoker to smoke, and allow 15 minutes for the smoker to start smoking.  Then you set the temperature to your required temperature.

2.    There is little chance for flareups.  Due to the construction of the smoker all the grease is directed to an opening where you can hang a tin bucket to catch all the grease to discard later.

 3.    The pellets are real wood.  The flavours are endless and give your meat tremendous flavour without overpowering the meat.  You can achieve a smoke ring just like the pros do. 

4.    Did I mention ease of use?  This smoker is very simple, and the recipes are easy to follow.  I smoked a brisket for the first time and after following the recipe I had a very delicious meal that was enjoyed by all.

5.    The rubs and sauces.  Although I haven’t tried all the sauces the ones, I did try are amazing.  The flavours are rich, and the spices are spot on.  The rubs are very good as well. 


If you want to give your entertaining a step up from the ordinary, please check out this smoker.  It will not disappoint.  

Why I love my Traeger smoker

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