Concrete Floor Repair

Take Action Against Damage

Why Concrete Cracks

Concrete floors can suffer from a variety of problems such as pitting, spalling, and cracking. These problems can often occur during regular use of your concrete flooring over time, however they can be caused by a lack of pre-treating and sealing concrete when laid. 


We believe that often, concrete floors in Alberta aren’t installed with longevity in mind, not taking into account the harsh compounds that drip off of our vehicles and equipment when we park them in the winter months. 


Whether your concrete floor is cracked, pitted or spalled we can have it looking better than ever.


Why You Should Choose Us

Our belief is that concrete floors are a critical part of your home and business, that can often fall off the radar in terms of repair. We often pay so much for the slab that sits beneath our feet without even realizing it, and before we know it the poorly prepped or installed concrete is in desperate need of repair. 


You may think it is impossible, or the cost prohibitive to fix but we can repair concrete damage with our floor coating systems and have them looking better than ever in no time at all. Once your floor is repaired, it will be prepared to stand the test of time and look great doing it.


We care about healthy, beautiful and safe concrete floors, just let us prove it to you.


Fast Curing Options

We can have your concrete floor ready to go in a jiffy

Withstand Traffic

Our coatings are designed to hold up to heavy traffic

Non-Slip Coating

Added safety with non-slip coatings at no extra charge


Industrial chemical and abrasion resistance

Custom Designs

Whether it be a logo, lane lines or other markings, we can do it

See Concrete Repair In Action

If your floor looks in need of repair, contact us today for a free quote!