Polished Concrete

Why Polished Concrete?

There are many ways to finish a concrete floor.  Tiles, wood, laminate, and the list goes on and on.  There is also coatings, sealants, and so forth.  One thing is for certain, any topping you apply to your concrete slab will wear out.

It has been proven that polished concrete is a sustainable flooring option, and when you factor in the longevity of this option, any upfront costs can be spread over many years.

Why does Rona, Home Depot, Walmart and other big box stores install this into their stores?  It looks nice, and can really enhance the space.  But the prime reason for this floor is the cost.  When you consider that polished concrete floors can last 20 years without any waxing, stripping.  Moving heavy merchandise around can cause damage to surface treatments such as tile, but not polished concrete.

Concrete Polishing is LEED certified

So what does this mean?  LEED certification is the most recognized green building certification programs used world wide.  It is a standard that ensures that environmental resources are used efficiently.

Using concrete polishing in a new build and remodeling ensures that nothing is manufactured to be installed on the surface of the concrete.  This is insures that there is no environmental impact.  The concrete floor will be installed anyway, but if tile, some other flooring is manufactured to be installed on the concrete, will certainly have an impact on the environment.  This is the immediate problem, but certainly when tiles and other flooring wears out and needs to be replaced will have a future impact on the environment.

Concrete polishing has almost no impact on the environment.