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The Sustainable Concrete Flooring Solution That Lasts​

Beauty & Longevity

One thing that all the ways you can possibly finish your concrete have in common is that they will eventually wear out. The fact is that some floor coatings wear out faster than others, so if you are looking for a long-lasting flooring solution look no further than polished concrete.


You may ask yourself, why do Rona, Home Depot, Walmart and other big box retailers install polished concrete in their stores? Well not only does polished concrete look amazing and enhance any space, but it is one of the most cost-effective ways to preserve your concrete.


Polished concrete floors can stand as much as 20 years of heavy use in a retail space, without so much as showing a crack.

Concrete Polishing is LEED Certified

What is LEED certified? LEED is the most recognized green building certification program used worldwide. It is a standard that ensures environmental resources are used efficiently.


Using concrete polishing in a new build or when remodeling ensures that nothing is manufactured to be installed on the surface of the concrete. This ensures that your floor is completely renewed with little to no environmental impact. The concrete floor will be installed anyway, but if tile, or any other flooring is manufactured to be installed on the concrete it will have a significant impact on the environment.


When other flooring wears out and needs to be replaced, it will create garbage to fill landfills. With polished concrete, not only will your floor last longer, but fixing it up in 20 years creates no waste.

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